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Meet The Authors

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We’re so excited to have these fabulous authors as part of the Happily Ever After Collective! Which months and which tropes will they be writing? It’s a surprise! Yes, we’re mean like that.

The Happily Ever After Collective season two authors are Abigail Owen, Adele Buck, Aliyah Burke, Asa Maria Bradley, Avery Flynn, Christi Barth, Claire Marti, Dahlia Rose, Darcy Burke, Elle Cruz, Erin Mallon, Gabbi Grey, Imani Jay. J Kenner, Jailaa West, Jess Bryant, Jiffy Kate, Kaje Harper, Katrina Jackson, Kelly Cain, Kharma Kelley, Kilby Blades, Kim Golden, Laurel Greer, Lexi Blake, Lisa Lin, Lori Matthews, Lucy Eden, Maggie Sims, Mariah Ankenman, Meka James, Melonie Johnson, Nina Crespo, Reese Ryan, Renee Dahlia, Riley Hart, RL Merrill, Scarlett Cole, Sera Taíno, Shannon Stacey, Sienna Snow, Stacey Wilk, Susan Scott Shelley, Tasha L Harrison, Tawna Fenske and Xio Axelrod.

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