September 2023 Novellas

This month Lucy Eden, Honey Lane, Imani Jay and Lori Matthews have super fun Amnesia Romance novellas just for HEA Collective readers!

Head Over Heels by Lucy Eden

Andrew Banfield has spent the last five years chasing his step-sister Victoria around the world, cleaning up social scandals and legal snags at the behest of his distant and overbearing father in the name of protecting the family. This time, he’s headed to a hospital in Monaco expecting to deal with the fallout of a drunken boating accident the way he’s always dealt with it. 

When Andrew arrives to find that Victoria has a case of amnesia, with an uncertain likelihood of regaining her memories, that the hospital staff believe he is her husband and, he discovers more shockingly that the woman of his dreams might have been in front of him all this time. 

Known for her signature rom-coms with high drama, sizzling steam, and big heart, Lucy Eden’s Head Over Heels is a Overboard (the 1987 version) retelling with a little Greek Mythology mixed in full of, amnesia, an age gap, a sexy stepbrother, fake marriage, forced proximity, a yorkie named Sarah Jessica Barker and a fire.  

Novella features: White, straight main characters 

Content warning: None

The Big One by Honey Lane

The only good thing about being forced by the Syndicate to partner with my two exes on one last heist is the fact that I won’t remember a thing. 

I’ll pop one little green pill to temporarily block out my life before I get on the transport ship to head up three-person team tasked with pulling off the Quadra System’s most dangerous theft. Once the job’s complete, I’ll take a yellow pill to permanently erase everything that happens in the next seventy-two hours from my memory. I’ll wake up on a tropical planet paradise finally free from the Syndicate and with more credits than a smuggler like me could ever expect to have. Even better? I won’t have any idea I even saw Adonis and Mira again.

That’s if everything goes according to the Syndicate’s plan.

Which everything always does. 

Only a fool would think they could change that and no one is worth the cost of trying–especially not the two people I swore to forget forever. 

Novella features: BIPOC, queer main characters

Content warning: None

He’s My What? by Imani Jay

Imagine waking up on a tourist boat wondering how the heck you got there. But wait, it gets better – guess who’s there too? None other than your archnemesis! Yep, you read that right.

Then picture your face when you realize it’s not just any boat trip – you’re on your honeymoon, with said lifelong enemy… And, of course, you can’t remember the last six months, when you two supposedly went from enemies to madly in love! 

Tag along for a steamy, contemporary romance novella full of love, fun, memory gaps, and spice!

Novella features: BIPOC, straight main characters 

Content warning: None

One Little Memory by Lori Matthews

When Detective Phoenix Halston discovers a car down an embankment, he finds an injured woman whose amnesia shrouds her in a cloak of uncertainty. As he tries to unravel the truth about Jo, and the accident that obscures her true identity, a chilling discovery sends shockwaves through his small town—a local resident is found murdered.

Suspicion casts a dark shadow over Jo, leaving Phoenix with conflicting emotions. Could she be connected to the murder, or is there another killer on the loose, lurking in the shadows? Determined to protect Jo while fighting his growing attraction to her, Phoenix digs deeper into the secrets that haunt his community.

As Phoenix and Jo’s lives become increasingly entwined, the lines between trust and betrayal blur, and the danger escalates. They uncover shocking revelations that cast shadows over their burgeoning relationship. Will the truth free Jo or destroy everything?

Novella features: White, straight main characters 

Content warning: None