August 2023 Novellas

This month Jailaa West, Adele Buck, Avery Flynn & Mariah Ankenman have super fun Sunshine And Grumpy romance novellas just for HEA Collective readers!

Blades And Beauty by Jailaa West

What could go wrong, when a plant-loving hockey nerd sneaks into a high-end ball, only to cross paths with her team’s grouchy, irresistible captain?
Why’s a self-confessed plant nerd and hockey junkie crashing a high-society ball? And what’s my brilliant plan? Wander into a maze alone, of course. Little did I know I’d stumble upon the brooding, chiseled Hunter Wulf. Dreamy, right? Well, he seemed to think I was more ‘nightmare’ than ‘dream,’ accusing me of being either a stalker or a paparazzo.”
All I wanted was some peace, not a run-in with an obsessive fan or reporter. Still, there was something different about Blaize. Quirky, funny, and really into, um,… plants. And despite my best efforts, she just kept… sprouting up—like a weed.
Laugh, swoon, and maybe yell a little with ‘Blades and Beauty,’ a sizzling rom-com with a dash of hockey and a sprinkle of botany.

Novella features: BIPOC, straight main characters 

Content warning: None

Falling For You by Mariah Ankenman

What do you do when a ghost is haunting your attic?
For Tally, the answer is simple: enlist the help of her grumpy, yet capable, neighbor Ruby. The woman who does all the maintenance around the apartment complex hasn’t said more than a dozen words to her in the two years they’ve known each other, but that’s all about to change.
Ruby knows two things. One, seven in the morning is too early to be woken up by her annoyingly cheerful neighbor. And two, ghosts don’t exist. Tally might be beautiful, but the aerialist had some strange ideas about the sounds coming from the attic. Ghosts? More like rats.
When a late-night ghost hunt ends in injury, the two grow closer. But will their differences lead to a happily ever after, or is their love as doomed as the ghost who haunts their attic?

Novella features: White, queer main characters 

Content warning: On page sex scenes/arachnophobia with on page spider

Meet-Cat by Adele Buck

Astrid Ellis is an introvert’s introvert. A widowed, bestselling mystery novelist with grown kids, she’s very happy on her own, thank you very much. But when a cat mysteriously appears in her fifth-floor apartment, of course she’s going sure the poor thing gets back to its owner… 

…Astrid’s brand-new silver fox of a neighbor, Ben Strong. Despite being immediately intrigued with the reserved and beautiful woman, he respects her boundaries. Trouble is, the cat is smitten and keeps demanding visits. What else can he do but ask if his lovely neighbor will time-share the little beast before she yowls herself into an early grave?

There is at least one huge reason why Astrid doesn’t want to open her heart to handsome, kind Ben, but with a cat as matchmaker, how can she resist?

Novella features: White, straight main characters 

Content warning: Spousal death (off-page, in the past), divorce (off-page, in the past)

Trouble On Tap by Avery Flynn

Being back in small town Salvation is pretty much the last thing I wanted. Well, having my jerk of an ex-boyfriend publish naked photos of me to a revenge porn site is the absolute last thing, but ending up back in my small hometown humiliated and broke is definitely a strong number two.

Yet here I am.

And the only person less thrilled to see me back is my former hookup and now police chief Mateo Garcia. He thinks I’m nothing but trouble. I’m not saying he’s wrong, but there’s more to me than a few youthful misdemeanors. I’m going to prove just that to the town and the sexy, surly man who thinks there’s nothing to me but fluff—all without surrendering to the undeniable attraction to Mateo that makes me catch my breath every time him looks my way.
Novella features: BIPOC, straight main characters

Content warning: Revenge porn (off-page)

Note: This is an exclusive HEA Collective cover for a full-length novel that has been previously published and is available to non-HEA Collective patrons. Do to a last minute change in the author lineup, it is being included in this month’s offerings.