June 2023 Novellas

Let’s celebrate June with four brand new mistaken identity novellas just for you from May Archer, Amy Andrews, Gabbi Grey and Naima Simone. Check them out below and then patrons can pick their novellas here. Not a patron yet? No worries! You can join the HEA Collective Patreon here.

Bone To Pick by May Archer

Never fall for your professor.   Especially when that professor is Theo Hancock, the man who failed you in your final semester, causing you to have to repeat a class in your millionth year of college when you’re already twenty-freaking-six years old.  Especially when the professor is the most stunning, eye-popping piece of perfection who ever walked on campus. So brilliant, his voice alone changed the course of my life. So gorgeous, students affectionately call him Dr. Hot… well, you get the idea.  Especially don’t fall for him so hard you show up at his house after midnight fueled with tequila and armed with a sense of justice, a frantic-mad sonnet, and a bone to pick with your professor. Because you might just end up snowed in with him, his tiny cabin might just have one bed, and fate might have a new future in store for both of you.

Features queer, white main characters. No content warnings.

Shut Up And Drive by Amy Andrews

When Duncan Knight and Ruth Gilligan first met, there’d been an undeniable attraction. But with a strict don’t-screw-the-crew policy in the fire house, they’d settled for friendship and smack talk.   Which had worked exceptionally well until, four years later, their three-man team in the annual charity car rally, suddenly becomes two. Thousands of kilometres of outback roads and red dust lie ahead of them, as does that inconvenient attraction once again rearing its head.   From the forced proximity of their 1970’s Torana to sharing a motel room every night, their smack talk is feeling a helluva lot like foreplay. And then on their fourth night, they’re confronted with a truly horrifying, yet somehow utterly fascinating dilemma – only one bed.    Will this off-limits duo take the leap from friends to lovers? After all, what happens on the road trip stays on the road trip – right?

Features straight, BIPOC main characters. No content warnings.

Fly Guy Boyfriend by Gabbi Grey

Tex  I’m an adrenaline junkie.  These days, I’m restricted to fun in the bedroom and flying a helicopter for my corporate boss.  Pretty boring…until the day I meet the boss’s son.  I try to keep things professional, but he’s a temptation like no other.  Davey  I can defend a thesis on quantum physics and navigate rush hour in Vancouver, but all my smarts and logic can’t get me past a deep fear of flying. A sexy pilot somehow makes me feel safe enough to want to grow beyond my comfort zone. Now I just have to find a way to tell him how I feel and take the chance of a lifetime.  This is a 37k gay instalove romance novella with a daredevil pilot, a nerd in search of the answer to the universe, and what happens when those forces collide in a single bed.

Features queer, white main characters. No content warnings.

Hunted by Naima Simone

“Bring me her heart.”

She’s an assignment, a mark. Nothing more, nothing less. Her aunt, the queen of their family, wants her dead, and when someone sends me, the Huntsman, after you…

Well, that’s what you get. Dead.

I’ve never failed, never missed. And she won’t be the exception to that rule.

But I didn’t take into account just who Eshe Diallo was—or what she was. A shadow. A killer. And a woman who will twist the truth, murder and use anyone or anything to get what she wants. And what does she want?  Me.

I’m in her sights, and now the hunter has become the hunted…

Features straight, BIPOC main characters. Content Warning: Violence, murder, kidnapping and captivity, mention of stalking, death/murder of a child (mentioned, not on the page), physical abuse of a child (mentioned, not on the page) drugging, profanity, blood play, profanity, explicit sex.