July 2023 Novellas

We are closing out season one of the Happily Ever After Collective with an amazing line up of opposites attract novellas just for you from Nina Crespo, RL Merrill, Abigail Owen and Elizabeth SaFleur!!! Check them out below and then patrons can pick their novellas here. Not a patron yet? No worries! You can join the HEA Collective Patreon here.

The Water Guardian by Nina Crespo

It was supposed to be a simple messenger job: deliver a medallion. But when Kayla Mitchell’s mentor is almost killed and she discovers that the medallion is magical, she finds herself compelled to find the true owner – an adventure that puts her on a boat in the middle of a storm that’s tearing her tiny vessel apart. That is, until out of nowhere, a hot guy swims to her rescue…

Xander is a disgraced ancient guardian of water, embracing a life of exile after a tortured past. When a mortal woman shows up with a “calling stone” signifying the possibility of a fated mate, he tries to resist, not trusting supernatural powers that caused him so much pain.  She trusts in magic, and believes in him. He trusts in no one – but can’t seem to resist her. Can they get past their differences, protect the medallion… and embrace fate?

Novella Features: BIPOC, straight main characters

Content Warnings: Death of family members, gun violence

Protector by RL Merrill

Retired Navy SEAL James Morton is an expert in security and protection. When his cousin asks him to provide his expertise and services to the staff at Havenhart Academy—a boarding school for child victims of trauma—he doesn’t count on working alongside folks who don’t operate in his reality, like librarian Morgan Forrester. She’s gorgeous, funny…and a witch? James deals solely in facts, science, and rules of engagement. There is no room for woo-woo in his life, but she knows things about his missing daughters. When he receives a mysterious phone call about his eldest, he’ll have to look past his beliefs and accept that even a natural-born Protector needs help.

Novella Features: White, queer main characters

Content Warnings: Sex Trafficking, no on-page abuse

The Shifter’s Fallout by Abigail Owen

Ever since the Phoenix rose from the ashes to rule the dragon shifter world, things have changed. Including for Rivin and Keighan. Best friends since childhood, the two Enforcers have always done everything together–lived, battled, teased, and…a lot in between. But now it feels like something is missing. Like what they had isn’t enough…

When Bridget starts lighting on fire, she knows what it means. Dragon sign. She’s fated to be a dragon shifter’s mate. The safest place for her is with the very dragons her fluffle of bunny shifters hold responsible for all the shifter violence in the region including mysterious fires plaguing her fluffle.

What she hopes for is help, not a mate. What she doesn’t expect are Rivin and Keighan and the urge to give into her curiosity about both of them. And as things heat up, tough choices are going to have to be made.

Novella Features: White, queer main characters

Content Warnings: Violence, gore, death, kidnapping, tough parental relationships, and explicit sexual content between three consenting adults

For You, Anything by Elizabeth SaFleur

Rayen came to Washington, D.C. to do great things. Not fall for a womanizing billionaire real estate developer.

Budding personal chef Rayen is quickly learning several things about this town. No one cooks here. People love her pre-colonial cooking. Running a business is hard. And her bachelor clients are hopeless around women.  Like billionaire real estate developer Knox Michaelson. Sure, he’s gorgeous, wealthy and charming—sometimes. But he’s clueless about the opposite sex. Rayen tells him, too.   Which is why when he offers to help her with her business in exchange for tips on women, she’s shocked but can’t say no. She needs the help, and the “let me show you my penthouse view” player needs education.  But an inconvenient heat quickly forms between them, and Rayen finds herself not only taking in his, ahem, view but falling for the man who’s completely wrong for her.  Or is he?

Novella Features: BIPOC, straight main characters

Content Warnings: None