May 2023 Novellas

Let’s celebrate May with four brand new mistaken identity novellas just for you from Kelly Farmer, Avery Flynn, Imani Jay and Sera Taíno. Check them out below and then patrons can pick their novellas here. Not a patron yet? No worries! You can join the HEA Collective Patreon here.

Secret Spark by Kelly Farmer

Sadie Eagan thinks her hot new neighbor is one of Vector City’s Superheroes. A Super living across the hall brings excitement to her humdrum life. Working at a coffeehouse is much safer than opening her own café. Dating a literal hero would break the cycle of being taken advantage of by deceitful partners.

Joan Malone does have a secret identity—only she’s Spark, one of the city’s Supervillains. Shooting fire has always made people afraid of her. She’s been trying to leave villainy to open a food truck with her twin brother. When her cute neighbor Sadie assumes Joan’s a Superhero, Joan doesn’t exactly correct her. Sadie’s the nice girl Joan’s been dreaming about.

When Sadie discovers the truth, she realizes she’s fallen for the bad girl. Again. A rift with the Villains forces Joan to choose what she truly wants. She just might be the goodhearted person Sadie deserves.

Features queer, white main characters. Content warnings: A nonviolent kidnapping, references to family estrangement (not related to sexuality or gender expression), and people with superpowers mostly using them against each other, but occasionally on regular humans. One of them does mind control.

Airhead by Avery Flynn

The night in 1982 that changed everything…

There is no way I could ever resist avenging my sister’s broken heart by filling her cheating boyfriend’s bitchin’ DeLorean with extra buttered movie popcorn, a half-melted Snickers, and the contents of one shaken can of Tab. There’s only one six-foot-six-inch problem. It’s not The Creep’s car. It’s Frank “The Airhead” Hartigan’s, and now he wants me to drive him to Harbor City to make up for trashing his ride.

On the outside, I’m all gag me with a spoon, but on the inside? Yeah, not so much. The truth is I haven’t stopped thinking about him since that night at Marino’s Bar and the orgasm that rocked my world to the max—something that can’t happen again. Frank Hartigan isn’t a guy you fall for if you want to keep your heart in one piece. Waterbury is littered with the broken hearts of the women who forgot that, and I am not about to join their ranks.

Fine. I’ll drive him around town, but that’s it.

No kisses.

No getting naked.

No toe-curling anything.

And no matter what happens tonight, my heart—and my panties—will for sure remain untouched.

Features straight, white main characters. No content warnings.

One Night To Forever by Imani Jay

I spent the best night of my life with a tall, dark, and handsome stranger, only to discover he’s my new boss, billionaire self-made man Maverick Hightower! Now, I’m determined to keep things strictly professional between us and tuck away my torrid flashbacks and belly flutters whenever Maverick’s around. But everything comes crashing down when he pins me to a wall and kisses me senseless. All I want is to get things back to normal and forget anything ever happened between us. I try reminding myself this isn’t some fairytale where Cinderella gets swept away by the Billionaire Prince, but that’s harder said than done. Especially when a work event sends us to a romantic resort…

Features straight BIPOC main characters. No content warnings.

His Rival’s Man by Sera Taíno

All Pachara “Patch” Saithong wants is one night of pure anonymity to release his burdens as the head of the Saithong Syndicate. When an invitation to The Emporium, an ultra-exclusive sex club for Miami’s elite, comes his way, he grabs the chance to indulge his fantasies. There, he meets the mysterious Zemi, who delivers a night of intense pleasure and self-realization that Patch can’t let go of.

Tey Baracao’s business at The Emporium has nothing to do with pleasure and everything to do with making enough money to escape his life of crime. But when he meets Dragon, he gives in the one thing he’s always denied himself – simple human connection. Dragon challenges Tey’s resolve to never see each other again and plunges them into a dangerous game of subterfuge that could cost them their hearts…and their lives.

Things that happen in the dark don’t always have a place in the light of day. Or do they?

Features queer BIPOC main characters. Content warnings: Gun violence. Blood. Swearing. Death of parent off page.