April 2023 Novellas

This is way too awesome to be any kind of April Fool’s prank. We don’t joke about forced proximity romance around here. We bet you’ll be as adamant in your love for this trope too after you read this months new and exclusive novellas from Adriana Anders, Gabbi Grey, Roan Parrish and Sienna Snow. Check them out below and then patrons can pick their novellas here.

The Paris Elevator by Adriana Anders

It’s Christmas Eve in Paris. What could possibly go wrong?


The last thing I need at the end of my stay in Paris is to get stuck—barely-clothed—in an elevator with the guy from downstairs, even if he is gorgeous, with a perfect British accent and muscles for miles. He’s mean and grumpy and has hated me from the day we met. Could my last night in Paris get any worse?


I’ve got one desire in life: to be left alone. When the lift breaks down, trapping me with my obnoxious—though annoyingly attractive—neighbor, I do my best to ignore her. But she’s wearing next to nothing and it’s freezing cold and, yes I may be a bit of a Scrooge, but I’m not the worst human ever. Besides, what danger could there be in sharing a little heat?

Features white straight main characters. Content warning: death of family members (off-page), car accident (off page), characters stuck in a dark, enclosed space.

Sliding Into Love by Gabbi Grey


When a rock slide almost sends me and my SUV hurtling into a ravine, all I can think about is survival. But once I’m safe—well, safer—I’m not about to turn away an injured motorcyclist in need of shelter. Turns out, Damien needs to recover from a broken heart as much from the storm and his injuries, so I bring him home with me. Now I’m afraid it may be my heart that ends up broken when he leaves.


When I don’t die in a rock slide, I realize I have to face the mess I’ve made of my life. I’m grateful to the guy who saves my life, and indebted to him for keeping me dry and warm during the height of the storm. The shelter he offers me is a lifeline, but it’s temporary. I know I have to leave, but it’s hard to find the strength when I’m starting to really like this guy. This novella is an opposites-attract second-chance instalove romance with a goofy dog named Rufus.

Features white queer main characters. No content warning.

Shelter in Garnet Run by Roan Parrish

River Mills loves their work at the Dirt Road Cat Shelter in the small town of Garnet Run, Wyoming. For the first time in their life, they have a safe place to live and wonderful friends (feline and human). But love? They’ve never had much luck … until Cassidy Darling bursts through the shelter door one night with an injured cat in his arms.

Cassidy loves animals and when their lives are cut short, he loves honoring them through the art of ethical taxidermy. Craftmas, the local holiday art fair, is his biggest sales event of the year. When the cutie he met at the cat shelter the week before turns out to be running the booth next to his, Cassidy is thrilled, and shenanigans ensue.

Together, they’ll share a Christmas full of sexy exploration, emotional connection, and, of course, cats.

Features white queer main characters. Content warning: mention of drugs mention of addiction mention of parental abuse taxidermy/animal death (not pets!) mention of transphobia discussion of dysphoria descriptions of physical unwellness.

Hidden Truths by Sienna Snow

Cassius Lykaios was forbidden, dangerous, and a lure that drew me like no other before.

He was the one I never saw coming, the temptation I couldn’t resist.

In a split second, my reality turned into a nightmare, leaving me broken and running.

Now he’s found me trapping me, making escape impossible. He believes he’s won…but our battle has only just begun.

Features BIPOC straight main characters. Content warning: Power exchange and graphic sex.