March 2023 Novellas

We’re super excited that we can finally reveal the March authors and the surprise pregnancy/secret baby romance novellas they wrote for Happily Ever After Collective patrons!

Check them out and then patrons can pick their novellas here.

Deciphering The Lines

He’d been born to protect. But never had he met a woman like her before. Wade Lester protected, it’s what he did. One rainy night in a strip club, the woman he protected was different and he never forgot her. When they’re reunited, he isn’t letting Emerson Gere go a second time. She spent her time pouring over ancient documents. Now she’s on the run with the man she never thought she would see again. Emerson had a total of two flings. One had been an embarrassing mistake and the other, well, it had provided her with a baby. When that baby’s daddy comes storming back into her life and it turns into a fight at the OK Corral, she follows his lead to get her out of there. Now, all she has to do is stay alive, find out who wants her dead, and, oh yeah, keep being pregnant a secret from him. Wade knows his sexy geek is hiding something. Big. He will get to the bottom of it, he just has to keep her breathing to make sure she knows he’s never forgotten about her. The truth has a way of coming out and when he learns of her deception everything changes.

Straight BIPOC main characters. No content/trigger warnings.

Sacred Son

Adam Woodson has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of Native Americans in court and in the legislature, a career that has kept him too busy to regret the man who got away.

Judah Nighthorse is rebuilding his life after prison, fighting to regain custody of his son from a non-Native foster family so he swallows his pride and asks the man he left behind for help.

When fighting the good fight together sparks desire they can’t resist, they must decide if their future holds a second chance or a final goodbye.

Queer BIPOC main characters. No content/trigger warnings.

All I Wanna Do

Hard-rock band Shook broke down at a roadside diner in the Sierra Nevadas five years ago. Singer Mickie failed at seducing young waitress Laura that night, and hooked up with an enthusiastic bartender instead. This time, there’s been an intervention from the Afterlife to cause their unplanned stop, and this time, when Mickie encounters the lovely waitress, she’s determined to make a connection. However, a lot has changed in five years, including the addition of Mickie’s son Donny, who looks an awful lot like that bartender, Laura’s deceased brother Evan.

When Donny’s nanny leaves to deal with an emergency, Laura volunteers to travel with the band. She needs breathing room from her parents, and if Donny is Evan’s son, it could ease the grief that plagues their family. Besides, what better way is there to investigate that spark between her and Mickie…and Tori; Shook’s guitar player, than hitting the road with the band?

Queer white main characters. Content/trigger warnings: Marine killed in action, grief.

Yours, Mine, and Ours

Andre loves Bea. That’s never been the problem. The issue is that he loves her too much to hurt her, but putting off an engagement and starting a family is hurting far more than either of them are willing to admit. When Bea becomes pregnant, she realizes she can’t wait around waiting for Andre anymore. If he isn’t going to step up, she has to. Having a family is her dream and she will break Andre’s heart to do it. For the sake of her baby. But she finds that, she doesn’t have to raise a baby alone, nor does the father of her baby need to be involved. Enter G, a former solo-poly turned platonic life partner, who discovers that family is what you make it. Can Andre, Bea and G work out their individual issues in time for their baby’s arrival? Or was their relationship doomed to fail from the start?

Queer BIPOC main characters. No content/trigger warnings.