February 2023 Novellas

We’re super excited that we can finally reveal the February authors and the revenge romance novellas they wrote for Happily Ever After Collective patrons!

Check them out and then patrons can pick their novellas here.

The Wonder Of It All by Xio Axelrod

For a decade, Tre and Rudy starred in Wonderwhirl, a popular children’s show. They sang silly songs, did even sillier dances, and were the best of friends until the day everything changed. At nineteen and twenty, Tre and Rudy were deemed too old for the show. Their dream ended. Tre used Wonderwhirl as a steppingstone to success, but Rudy kept his affiliation with the show firmly in the past. He never forgot Tre, though it often seemed like Tre had forgotten him. When Rudy learns the truth about Wonderwhirl, he feels betrayed. Intent on revenge, he heads to Hollywood, landing a role in an edgy TV drama where the star is none other than Tre. But Rudy’s hasty plan to ruin the show is futile. The magic between them still lingers. Can Rudy forgive Tre? And can he work beside him and risk his heart again?

The Vampire’s Hunter by Kait Ballenger

When human waitress, Dani Harper, escaped her abusive, supernatural ex, she thought she’d never return to the Cosa della notte syndicate, until a twist of fate sends her running back into their vicious, glittering world, and straight into the arms of a wicked vampire, who once broke her heart… Vampire mafia boss, Corbin Blackwell, is out for revenge against the monstrous vampire who sired him long ago, and with stunningly beautiful Dani playing the role of his fake mistress on his arm, he may just pull this hit off. Except Corbin doesn’t account for the very real feelings he has for Dani, and when push comes to shove, Corbin finds himself forced to choose between the woman he loves, and the plot for revenge which consumes him…

Blood Moon Bride by Sherilee Gray

Shut away since childhood by her cruel parents, Delphine longed for the day her mate—a powerful vampire warrior and mysterious member of The Five—would save her from an agonizingly lonely existence. But with their identities kept secret, she never imagined he’d be the Five’s brutal and battle-scarred commander. Over the centuries just one thing has kept Constantine sane: dreams of the sweet female destined to be his and a life after war without pain or bloodshed. Every part of him hungers for Delphine, yet when he learns who her stepfather is—the male he’s vowed to destroy—he knows he must give her up. But keeping his innocent mate at arm’s length won’t be easy—especially when Delphine ignores the battle lines completely and launches a ruthless campaign to win his heart…

Love, Death And Lanterns by Jeannie Lin

Three years ago, Pearl and Lu Xian were forced together by tragedy but found an unexpected bond. When they were thrown apart before they could explore their attraction, Pearl returned to her life as a courtesan and was left to wonder what could have been. Once a promising scholar, Lu Xian threw away his future to avenge his father’s murder. After being in exile, Lu Xian has returned to the capital to finish what he started until seeing Pearl again makes him realize there is more to life than duty and sacrifice. While Pearl is the best thing that happened to Liu Xian, he’s the worst thing that has ever happened to her. Can two survivors afraid of holding on find a way to believe in each other? Or are the wounds of the past too deep to heal?

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