January 2023 Novellas

We’re super excited that we can finally reveal the January authors and the marriage of convenience novellas they wrote for Happily Ever After Collective patrons!

We’re super excited that we can finally reveal the January authors and the friends to lovers novellas they wrote for Happily Ever After Collective patrons! Check them out and then patrons can pick their novellas here.

Well Groomed by Samanthe Beck

Dani Fox is the go-to girl for celebrity gowns, until a string of A-list weddings unravels at the altar, and a jilted bride claims Dani’s dresses are cursed! Clients cancel. Profits plummet. Her next design must make it to “I do,” so she takes matters into her own hands. All she needs is a fiancé. Luckily, a feasible candidate owes her a favor. He’s a diamond in the rough, but she’s prepared to polish him into a perfect groom. She might enjoy it…too much.   Author Easton James loves a twisted tale, but when his best friend’s little sister recruits him as her groom, he finds himself living one. He’s duty-bound to help her, but his feelings run deeper than friendship. Unfortunately, he has a curse of his own–one that makes it impossible for him to ask for more. He’ll let her make him over into the ideal groom, yet as the wedding approaches, he can’t stop fantasizing about having her and holding her. Forever. Novella features white, straight main characters. Trigger warnings: Hero is a victim of an abusive mother.

Wolf Duty by Asa Maria Bradley

Sonya Berg will do anything to protect her younger stepbrother. Despite not being a shifter, she tolerates the local alpha’s bullying because a pup without a pack often goes feral. But then an out-of-town shifter offers them a better opportunity, and as much as she loves her stepsibling, the cost of accepting might be too high.   Bayden Kirk’s screw-up derailed a mission and now he must prove himself to his pack. Retrieving his alpha’s friend’s son from a small town should be easy, but the deranged local alpha won’t give up pack guardianship unless Bayden marries the pup’s stubborn sister.   A marriage of convenience between this dominant pack enforcer and a sassy soothsayer is bound to be a disaster.  But if they divorce the younger wolf must return to a dysfunctional pack, and worse–somehow Bayden’s wolf has claimed the fake bride as his mate. Novella features white, straight main characters. Trigger warnings: One short scene with a male authority figure unsuccessfully trying to intimidate a woman.

Marry Me by Kim Golden

When she started her dream job as a teacher at a boarding school, the last thing Tilda Bennett expected was a marriage clause. How did she miss the fine print when she signed her employment contract? She loves her job, so she’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep it – including a marriage of convenience with her housemate, Gus.  Baker August “Gus” Hansen has been in love with Tilda long enough to realize he’d do anything to make her happy. Including agreeing to a fake marriage just so she can keep her job.   Can they keep their arrangement professional…or will love, and a few hiccups get in the way? Novella features BIPOC, straight main characters. Trigger warning: none.

The Nanny Proposal by Lucy Lennox

I’ve been in love with Dr. Grant Brighton for four long years.  He’s tall. Gorgeous. Brilliant. An amazing single dad.   He’s also straight, uninterested in dating someone ten years younger than him, and, tragically, *my boss*.   If I’d known taking the nanny position would mean mangling my heart, I might never have accepted his offer, but I love the Brighton family so I’ve resigned myself to never living the fairytale…   At least until the Dean of Admissions at the girls’ dream school says only families with two parents need apply, and in desperation, Grant makes me a different offer: to be his on-paper *husband*.  With things heating up between us and my heart hanging in the balance, how can I convince Grant to make me the proposal I really want: to turn this marriage of convenience into a real-life happily-ever-after? Novella features white LGBTQ main characters. Trigger warnings: none.

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