November 2022 Novellas

We’re super excited that we can finally reveal the October authors and the siblings best friend novellas they wrote for Happily Ever After Collective patrons!

Driving Her Wild by Mariah Ankenman

Josie Saunders has had a crush on her brother’s BFF for years, but the older woman has only ever seen Josie as Max’s kid sister. Lucky for her, a chance road trip back home might be just the opportunity she’s been looking for. Time to convince Bex she’s all grown up. Bex Kirkel would do anything for her best friend. Including driving two and a half hours away to pick up his little sister from the airport. Wouldn’t be a big deal, except she’s had a crush on the younger woman for a few years now. Rule number one in the BFF code “thou shalt not bang siblings.” All she has to do is drive for a few hours and keep her hands to herself. Easy, right? When disaster strikes, the two women have to spend the night in a roadside motel. Suddenly their secret attraction isn’t so secret anymore. Can Josie convince Bex to see her as more than Max’s sister? And Can Bex risk following her heart if it ends up costing her her best friend? *White LGBTQ main characters. Content Warning: Discussions of homophobic parents, family estrangement, and an on-page car accident (no injuries to any people, just the car).*

Secrets At Sunset by Juliette Cross

Reed Robicheaux is not prepared for his best friend’s little sister to show up on his porch wanting a secret favor. A favor that could make her whole family hate him. But Reed could never deny Anna Hebert anything because of his own secret.   When Reed agrees to her favor to kickstart her dream career, Anna offers housekeeping help in exchange. She never knew cooking and cleaning would lead to Netflix-and-chill with her lifelong obsession. And when she makes a drunk confession that rocks his world, Reed knows it’s finally time to make Anna his own. *White straight main characters. Content Warning: Content Warning: Attempted sexual assault (mild)*

One Little Spark by Lori Matthews

Firefighter Aiden Wolfe is working side-by-side with his best friend. They’ve been unusually busy lately thanks to a spate of suspicious fires. The extra work allows Aiden to keep his distance from his friend’s sister, Hazel, a task harder than fighting some fires.    Hazel Kincaid has turned her life around. Eager to move out of her mom’s basement, Hazel picks up shifts at the hospital. Old Doc Lawrence needs help searching past records but didn’t clarify what she should look for. Is there a link between the fires and unexplainable deaths at the hospital?  When Hazel insists on moving, her mom suggests she live with Aiden, where she’ll be safe from the arsonist. For Aiden, living with the desirable woman is the worst possible scenario.   Their relationship heats up but time is running out to solve the mysteries and to stop the Firestarter before someone gets killed. *White straight main characters. Content Warning: Mental illness issues due to loss of loved one.*

Sail Away by Dahlia Rose

Seeing the port of London made Kristopher Holdcroft heart race. Not only was he there for his best friend’s Morris Potter’s wedding, Kristopher  got to see Tatiana, Morris’s  younger sister. She was the woman of his dreams, his desire and need, but her family didn’t know of their relationship that started through letters and they had never even kissed. Hiding from her parents and brother, their liaisons could turn rock to lava from the heat. Kristopher was seen as a rogue captain of a ship and they would never see him as suitable for Tatiana. Her parents wanted the wedding to be over and for him to leave London shores. Kristopher wasn’t stepping one foot from port without her, not when he had his love in his bed. He claimed his woman and was intent on spiriting her away with her to new lands where their choices was their own. *BIPOC main character(s). Content Warning: Sensitively mentioned past child abuse by parents that were in time with the historical factor of the era the book is set in.*

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