October 2022 Novellas

We’re super excited that we can finally reveal the October authors and the fake relationship novellas they wrote for Happily Ever After Collective patrons!

The Head Wolf by Andie J Christopher

Samantha Forsythe keeps to herself. As an empath, she can’t spend too much of her time in the company of others. But her beloved sister has gone missing, and the only person who can help her is her ex-boyfriend. They might not be together anymore, but he would lay down his life to keep her safe.  Titus Lycus was destroyed by Samantha leaving the first time, and she makes it clear that she’s not coming back with him permanently when she asks him for help locating her sister. That means that he only has one night at the infamous werewolf sex club, to convince her to give him another chance to be the mate she needs.  But the world of werewolves on the full moon is a sexy, dangerous place, and Titus might not be able to keep his promise that Samantha can leave it when the night is over. *BIPOC queer main character(s), trigger/contenet warnings: kidnapping, biting, public sex acts*

Fake Around And Find Out by Mia Heintzelman

Gemma Holliday wants closure. Once she confesses her regrets to her ex, she’ll get back to designing book covers and enjoying springtime with an open heart. But, at his house, Gemma’s stunned to discover she’s been replaced.  Enter Logan Banks. Her ex’s insanely good-looking new neighbor…and Gemma’s high school crush. The book cover model is back in town just in time for his sister’s wedding. If only she wasn’t pressuring him to find a date…  When Gemma kisses Logan to make her ex jealous, it leads to a series of blindsiding moments: book cover photos of his oil-slicked chest in her inbox, embarrassing conference room sparks during his surprise appearance at her office, and an O-inspiring bar rescue. Soon, they forge an arrangement that benefits them both—she’ll be his wedding date and he’ll be her fake boyfriend. But will their fiery chemistry lead to a chance at something real?   It’s all fun and games until they… fake around and find out. *BIPOC straight main character(s), trigger/content warnings: Explicit sex, mention of medical condition stroke (off-page), mention of divorce, profanity, abandonment*

Twice Faked by Reese Ryan

She wants him to play her fake boyfriend… again. But their feelings have never been more real.  Former pop sensation Karris Baker desperately wants to save the school of the arts in Atlanta where she got her start. But negative press following the breakup with her famous ex is detracting from her charity work. She enlists celebrity DJ Ward Hughes to reprise his role as her fake boyfriend—like in high school. But this time, he’s got demands.  Ward Hughes is over spending long months on tour and living out of hotel rooms. He’s ready for the next phase in his career as a songwriter and producer. Collaborating with Karris on her comeback album will show the world exactly what he’s capable of. But working closely while faking it as high school sweethearts who reunite hits too close to home when their feelings for each other are all too real. *BIPOC straight main character(s), no trigger/content warnings*

A Fashionable Deception by Sera Taíno

Emilio (Milo) del Torre is heir to his family’s business empire. Fashionista, playboy, and successful businessman, Milo is the poster boy for the man who has everything. But when he is invited to his parent’s thirtieth anniversary party, he has to find a plus one or spend the weekend fending off his mother’s matchmaking schemes. For Alex Morales, life is a struggle and hustling is second nature. The only things he has going for him are his good looks and his inexhaustible energy which he puts to good use, walking every fashion show and taking any job that will hire him. When Milo del Torre offers Alex a ridiculous amount of money to pretend to be in love with him for one weekend, how can he say no? After all, it’s easy to fake love, isn’t it? But will their hearts know the difference between the deception and the truth? *BIPOC queer main character(s), trigger/content warning: main character parent death (occurs off page)*

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