September 2022 Novellas

We’re super excited that we can finally reveal the September authors and the enemies to lovers novellas they wrote for Happily Ever After Collective patrons!

Love In The Air by Mariah Ankenman

Izadora Grant landed her dream with a traveling aerial show. The only problem? She’s partnered with nemesis, Chance O’Brien. In high school he stole her college scholarship and her date to prom. Now he’s stealing her moment of joy. If she wants to keep her dream—and sanity—she’s needs to fake a friendship with the one person who drives her up the wall. Chance can’t believe Iz is standing in front of him glaring. Okay, he can believe the glaring part. He can’t help pushing her buttons. Something about facing off against the feisty woman sets a fire within.  Only now they need to stop one-upping each other and start getting along. Both have dreams and promises riding on this show. But the more they fake a friendship, the realer things get. Soon, the two discover their lifelong competition has been hiding an undercurrent of attraction neither can ignore.

The Prince And The Pundit by Kilby Blades

Never almost kiss a guy at a palace costume party. That was Liv’s first mistake. Cole was the sexiest lion she’d ever seen. He was tall, dark and frisky with short fangs and sapphire eyes–eyes she couldn’t forget. She should have kissed him when she had the chance.  Cole couldn’t help how much he’d wanted to kiss Liv, the clever little lamb who had wandered onto his domain. But meeting her came with complications. She was a vocal anti-monarchist who wasn’t even supposed to be at his party. Unbeknownst to her, Cole was the prince.   Nevermind that he wanted to bring the monarchy into the 21st century. Liv aimed to take it down, a top politico bent on seeing the establishment burn.   When leaving behind what they found together proves too difficult, Liv prays for the strength to forget. An anti-monarchist can’t fall in love with a prince.

First Look by Robin Covington

Eight years ago, I packed up my broken heart, my Oscar, and my dog, Scorsese, and left L.A. for life as a film school professor. Now, I’m preparing my students for the dog-eat-dog (sorry, Scorsese) world of Hollywood and the only romance in my life is on the big screen. I’m totally okay with that. Really. At least I was okay until the famous-ex-who-squashed-my-heart shows up in my town, and I must play nice with him for my job. He is a movie star and the sexiest man alive (yeah, I might have a copy of that magazine in my closet) and still knows how to get under my skin. Suddenly my life is moving at the speed of a rom-com, and I can’t decide whether I want to yell “cut” or take him up on his offer to give me the first look at our second chance.

The Ink That Bleeds by Piper J Drake

Amihan Chanthara is ready for a new beginning when she arrives in the little harbor town of Wolfsound, Washington, nestled in the San Juan Islands. Settling in as the new owner of the town bookstore is easy. Figuring out who killed the bookstore’s previous owner is not. The town sheriff has asked the sexy, ill-tempered werewolf, Lucien Allard, to help investigate and Ami is torn between heady attraction and irritation as the bookstore continues to be the center of the murder investigation.  Is the killer human or supernatural? Why was the previous bookstore owner murdered? Is Ami next? Every new friend could be the murderer and even the one theoretical witness can’t tell anyone what happened. Will Ami survive long enough to learn what it means to be chosen by the mystic bookstore as its new Scribe?

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